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Tom Clancey The Division Season Pass and Year one Content Trailer


With the release date coming near, Ubisoft is trying very hard to create a hype for the upcoming game Tom Clancey The Division. The game is going to release next week and we already have many details about the game. Last month itself, Ubisoft have released many information related to The division player abilities: Talent, Skills and Perks list. Now The company has released a new trailer showing Downloadable content for full one year for Xbox, Playstation and PC.


The division Year one Downloadable content Info:

Ubisoft has released a new trailer and you can watch it at the end of this news. Here is a Short summary of What you will get in Tom Clancey The Division, the upcoming year.

In the first year of the game, you will get 2 free content and 3 paid expansions of the game.According to the Ubisoft, players will get daily and weekly missions to progress in the game. Additionally, fans will get to experience Dark Zone.the division free content image


To help you more with the game: Read following

Free updates:

Incursions Update:

The incursion update will be a free update and will be available in April. This is an endgame activity and is like a squad play. In this update, a team of four players will face enemies to earn high level loot. Also with the Incursions update, Loot Trading feature will also be available. In loot trading, players of the same group can trade the loot collected earlier.

Conflict Update:

This is also a free update and will be available in May. This update will add new feature Dark Zone and an incursion into New York’s Columbus circle.

Paid Expansions Updates:

Along with the free updates, Ubisoft has planned 3 paid expansions for the game. These expansions will be available to the player with the Season Pass. Players can also get these expansions by purchasing Gold or Collectors Edition of the game instead of standard one. These 3 paid expansions are:

Expansion 1: Underground:

The Underground update of the Division will be available in June. As the name of the expansion itself suggests, player can explore the Underworld of New York. Player will journey through mazes and tunnels chasing the enemies with maximum 3 other agents.

Expansion 2: Survival:

In Suvival Expansion, player will test his ability to survive in a hostile environment collecting essential supplies as long as possible. This expansion will arrive in Summer

Expansion 3:  Last Stand:

The Last Stand Expansion will arrive int upcoming winters.Players will face new relentless threats in this expansion.

The Division: One Year Content Trailer and Season pass Trailer:

Tom Clancey The Division is releasing on 8th March 2016. You can Pre-order or buy the game now.

Tell us what do you think about the game. Are you going to buy this Tom Clancey The Division?

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