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Pokevision tracker shutdowns, makes Harder to even find a Pokemon


Developers at Niantic have made it harder to catch a Pokemon in a recent Pokemon Go update. Pokevision Tracker is now disabled for Pokemon Go after the recent update. Pokemon Go went viral just after its release. The Company made a whopping $5 million and was downloaded by 400-500 million on its first day of release. In the recent update, the company has updated 3 to 4 features that will really upset a fan. These updates are listed below. The last one is really really upsetting (don’t miss it).

pokevision trackerNow in a recent update, the company made a very unpleasant decision for its fans. Niantic, the company behind Pokemon Go decided to remove the helpful three-footstep tracker from the game. This feature has helped a lot to a Pokemon player in catching a Pokemon. But instead of updating the feature, the company decided to remove it completely from the game.

No, the recent update was not just about Three-footstep tracker but many other helpful and interesting features were updated in the recent Pokemon Go updates. The second major update includes 3rd party maps based services. The Company shuts down Pokevision tracker service, an app to track a Pokemon, for the game. That means, players will have to go hard to catch a Pokemon now. Though Pokevision had around 12 million active users(daily) and 50 million unique users when it goes shut down.

The third major update in the recent update is very unique. It’s about the safety of the player and also people roaming on the road. The Company decided to increase the time of scanning a Pokemon. Now the game will scan Pokemon after 10 seconds instead of 5 seconds. It means it will be tough to catch a Pokemon while driving a car or riding a bike.

In the last update, the company increases the rate of moving of a Pokemon. Now will have to spend more Pokeballs to catch a Pokemon. Because now there will be a high chance of escaping a Pokemon as you level up in the game. And you will have to spend more money on Pokeballs to level up in the game.

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