Mobile Legends update: 10th April

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang one of the leading MOBA for mobile users here comes with their new updates. They release updates on a regular basis and adds new features, heroes, and skins. Players can either purchase these heroes, skin and other features by using real money or by using in-game money which you earn in the form of battle points and second is diamonds which can be bought through real money. If you are a crazy fan of this game, you can use your hard earned cash, but you won’t be disappointed as it surely gives you some benefits as you can access the skins and heroes early before free players. So you can save time while fighting lots of ranks, classics or brawl match to earn battle points which is a great margin between paid and free players.

So, it is time for telling whats new in this update as players were waiting for it if you subscribed there newsletters you would already have got a message about the upcoming updates. In this update you again get the previous feature which ML has removed due to some bugs, now they have included it in this update:

1. New Skins: There are two new skins for two heroes
Harley – Royal Magistre
Bane – Deep Sea Monster

2. So as I was talking about the previous update which has been removed was again rollover in this update is that they have Added Group System through this you can for your group of 100 people to play together.

3. Saved match replay issue has been fixed now, and now players can view their replays without any problem

4. There is some increase in a ban on Draft System from2 to 4 bans now.

5. The last one is for the gamers who own bezel-less phones will get an improved display on their phone for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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