Overwatch’s New Hero Appears To Be A Rodent In Robot

Everyone is getting confused and excited for overwatch’s new hero!! Everyone is expecting something else than what Overwatch’s revealed. Fans thought that it is the first-person shooter’s 28th  and the hero can be Hammond, a Lunar companion to the gentleman-engineered Gorilla Winston. But guess what? Its out of the box and a surprise that the new hero appears to be a rodent.

The lunar Colony map of Overwatch’s horizon where Winston lived as a specimen before he run, had another run: Hammond, who is now listed as “not found” in the Colony’s system. What does remain of Hammond, “Specimen 8,” are two footprints and some information left accurately on the map:

Throughout the most recent couple of days, Blizzard has prodded a dirty, back-rear way area with graffiti that peruses “No Bots” and “Horizon” under a monkey—which, to many, demonstrated that Hammond was coming and, likely, he’s a primate:

Starting at now, Kotaku is uncertain of whether this hamster in a hamster ball is Hammond. In any case, yesterday on the Overwatch subreddit, a player convincingly set up the pieces together: Evidence around the Horizon Lunar Colony delineate that Hammond lived in a confine (not at all like Winston, who dozed in a bed), ate carrots, went in a ball and could travel through the ventilation.

We will update with more points of out of this world.

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