Category - Cheats

A video game is no fun without game cheats. Every video game has some hidden gems, hidden trophies and hidden awards in it. And they sometimes require some special set of keys to press. These set of keys and other methods don’t only make the game easier for you but also make it damn interesting and funny sometimes.

Suppose you are playing a shooting game and want to play with a gun that is not available to you because you have no cash to buy it from the inventory or what about a tank instead of the car? In these cases, video game cheats can help you. Nowadays, every game developer puts gems and other things that can make your character strong and powerful over your opponent. But most of the time they are hidden and you need to find them by doing some special task or visiting special places.

Not only games built for Play station, XBOX, and PC but android games also have cheats and tricks. For example: Clash of Clans has various tricks and cheats that you can use to increase your resources.